Our “Elle Belle”

I can’t believe our sweet Eliana is ONE today!!!  This time last year was a bit of a crazy time!  We are thankful that she is alive and well today!  God was so good to us in giving us this unbelievable gift.  As her name means….”God has answered our prayers!”  Thank you, Lord!

You can go back to a year ago and see her birth story, but I just wanted to post here today that she is such a blessing in our family.  It is amazing to see the bond that her and Austin have….she LOVES him!  Lights up when he walks in the room!  I know that her and Olivia will also be so close being sisters.  I can’t wait to hear all of the girly conversations between them.  I pray that they will encourage each other to seek Christ above all else.  She is a FUNNY girl!  She has us laughing with all of the things that she can mimic with her mouth!  My mom tries to get Eliana to teach her to roll her “r’s…” with no success yet.  Ha!  Eliana was doing that from about 6 months…too funny.  She is a joy…full of love…cuddles with us, cries for us, wants to be near us, loves to make us laugh, and brings everyone a smile with her little muffled, nasally belly-laugh.  I LOVE THAT GIRL!  Thank you, Lord, for my sweet Eliana Elizabeth!

Here are some pictures…funny, but they are my prayer for her life…that she will HUNGER for God, His righteousness, His grace, and His Word.  I pray that she will seek him whole heartedly from a young age and live her life to glorify Him.

yes!  I like this one!

this is good stuff!

hmm...maybe Mom's journal...

great Bible study!

I thought it was hilarious that she was going for all of these…yes…they were the only books on the floor…but!  We just had to take a picture!


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Allison House

Some people are wanting to see the progress on the house, so I thought I would post some pictures here.  Just for documentation sake, we have been talking about building a house (still in our neighborhood, but in a different section) for a couple of years.  We finally felt led by the Lord to a particular lot, and we sold our house in July.  We moved in with our incredible (and loving, patient, godly, kind, and generous!) parents at the end of July, and they poured the foundation of our house less than a month ago (I think that is right)…anyway, it is coming along!  We are so excited about what God has done, and so excited to see what He will continue to do on Allison.  There are a couple of other dear friends moving/have moved there, as well as a couple of dear friends on the surrounding streets.  We cannot wait to get to know and love our new neighbors!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the process….

The nice guy that was “concrete man” let Austin drive the little tractor around!  He was so excited!


Here is the foundation…all poured! 🙂


And, our family after we put our hand prints on the porch! (You’ll have to scroll to the right to see the picture…I don’t know how to fix that!  Sorry!


A couple of days ago:


And, with the windows:

windows in

We are missing all the framing shots…got lost when Brian’s phone got fixed, so we will not have them…oh, well.

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