First haircut

Well, well, well…we finally got Olivia’s hair cut!  Actually, truthfully, it would be slightly trimmed.   Daddy wasn’t too keen on CUTTING it.  I think he might go for a fun new style next time, but he had to start off slow…

So,  right after she got out of the hospital,   I thought it would be a fun Mommy/Daughter date…some fun girl time.   Poor girl…it was a TERRIBLE day!  She was PETRIFIED!  She had just been stuck with needles, attached to iv’s, people coming in to check this or that every so often, and now I take her to get her hair CUT.  Scissors.  They could inflict pain!  I also failed to mention that she HATES getting her haircut!  Maybe b/c of that time that we had a lot of  what we call “ratsnests…” you can scroll down in the blog to find that.  Anyway, after a LOT of talking and processing through, she did great.  We survived the first haircut.  Why did I think it was going to be a day of pampering?!?

Here she is with our hairdresser and friend, Laurel (can you tell how nervous she is?!?):


Still a little worried… Ms. Laurel kept saying “we are not going to CUT your hair, we only CUT mommy’s hair…we will just trim yours.”  Then, she was okay with it.  So smart, Ms. Laurel…it is all about the words you use!


She loved the pink drape!


Way to go, Liv!  Maybe next time it will be more of a treat for you!

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  1. Okay, my FAVORITE part of the last picture is the cute little boy in the next chair smiling at her. You can totally read his face…yeah, I’ve been there before. She must be a first timer…I remember when. Too cute!

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