Sibling Love

As a mom, I LOVE when my kids are really loving each other…not arguing over little things, not negotiating, not trying to compete in a race up the stairs, but REALLY laughing and loving and playing together.  Sibling love is so sweet to me.  I am so thankful for my own sweet brother and our relationship, as well as sibling-in-laws now, and I hope and pray that our kids have a deep, loving, growing relationship as they go through both childhood and adulthood.  Really a gift from the Lord.

Here is one moment captured that I love:

bathtub fun 2

We had a sick household at the end of September and beginning of October.  Swine flu made its appearance and sent Olivia to the hospital.  It was so sad, but we are SO VERY thankful to the Lord for healing her little body and that no one else went to the hospital.

Here is part of her hospital stay:


One friend described that above pic as the sweetest, sadest thing to see!  So true…


The iv’s and shots were so hard for her of course, but she was such a trooper…


So, the day she got home was SO SWEET.  She missed her brother and sister so much!  It was sweet to see that sibling love…he walked in the room and she was so excited she was squealing and they gave each other the hugest hug!


Austin was telling her something and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him…she held her hands together like this and just listened so intently to his every word.  She was just so happy to be around him again!  Too cute!  I love it!



…I pray that they are close through all their years….



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