I need a vote

Check out this  puppy…should we adopt it?  In our house, the vote is two-two…we need a tie breaker (Eliana can’t vote yet).


puppy 2

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  1. Yes. I am the tie breaker. Yes you should. He really is precious and his personality is so sweet and obedient. Do it.

  2. Who are the 2 in favor and 2 opposed?

  3. Ashleigh, your vote shouldn’t count since you’re the one giving the dog away. I’ll decide: Erin, you did say that you and Brian want to adopt…

    • Heather, adopt a baby or a dog??? What are you sayin? Yay or nay?

  4. I don’t know Erin. He is pretty stinkin’ cute. I might be swayed with a yes vote. Austin and Livi’s sweet little faces say it all! He could stay outside. What fun!

  5. Do I need to talk some sense into your head? Have you gone C R A Z Y ??????? ! ! ! ! !! ! !

    • This comment must be from my mama!

      • Hilarious.

  6. Now I know you’ve not even mentioned one bit of this to me….is that b/c you already know our vote? Ha! Just remember he/she could grow up to beat it’s tail until you have a headache. OR for that matter until it breaks its’ tail off. There are all sorts of complications….i’m just sayin’…we AIN’T taking no dog should you get tired of it…fence or no fence:) Ha! Better you than me, though! Ha! Just don’t tell my kiddos, as they’ve been begging for a mere goldfish and we’ve said no! Ha! Love you!

  7. the part of me that loves your fun family and kids says YES! and the part of me that loves you and your sanity says RUN! from that dog. but i’ll still be excited if you keep it, it does look awefully cute and i love dogs! i’d just know that i’ll be voting “yes” on baby adoption, and at that moment, you may wish you had more “no’s” on the dog adoption issue.

    PS ashleigh, you need to take that dog for a walk on our old street, dog lover/adopter city! and wonderful couple’s too!

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