The LOVE of my life!!!

Well, well—it is a celebration again at the Crenshaw house!!!!!  Happy Birthday BRIAN!!!!!!!

I have been working on this post since yesterday, but I don’t even know how to put my sweet husband into words to celebrate him on here!  I can’t say enough about how thankful I am for him.  This morning I gave him a simple list of 33 reasons why I love him (he turns 33 today), and I realized that I came up with 33 in about 2 seconds.  I should have done AT LEAST 99, with 3 for every year, although I could easily do 999999!  He is such an incredible leader of our home.  The Lord knew EXACTLY who I needed in a husband–he loves me so well, and challenges me to love Jesus more and more.  It is sweet how the kids ADORE him…I mean, ADORE him!  If we are leaving somewhere and coming home, Austin or Olivia  will say, “Do you think Daddy is at home?”  If his car is there when we come around the corner, they squeal with delight and say, “He IS!  He IS HOME!  YAY!!!!!”  I love it.  I love that they want to be like him–he is an incredible example to follow.  I pray that they will “follow him, as he follows Christ.”   And that he does…he is such a Christ-follower!  I learn so much about the love of Christ and the life of Christ through him.  I love asking him Biblical things.  I say he is a genius and he helps me understand so much!  Happy Birthday, B! Love you!  Thank you for leading us so selflessly!

Here are some of HIS loves:




44 crenshaw chickasaw

P.S. It is obviously his twin brother’s birthday, too…not like he reads this, but Happy Birthday to Brent, too!

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  1. Happy Birthday Brian! (your present made puppy eyes at me this morning…no, not John.)

  2. Ashleigh you have no shame in trying to give that puppy away!!! Love it!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again, Brian! It was good to hang with you all yesterday and last night at the concert!!!

  3. We love you, Bdog! We are so blessed to have you as a brother, uncle, and best friend!

    And now, you are as old and wise a your cool sister-in-law. You know my motto right? 33, being free, being me! Welcome to the club!


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