I Can’t believe Olivia’s THREE!

Wow…Olivia is THREE! I can’t even believe that!  Seems like just yesterday she was in the nursery at church spitting up on all the volunteers :)…now…she is a great big sister (and little sister, too…she adores Austin…well, most of the time!), she is hilarious, she is such a little energizer, and she brings incredible joy to our family with her sweet spunky spirit and bright-eyed smile!  UGH!  I just love that girl!

She has been talking about wanting a Cinderella party for a while now, and that is exactly what we did today!  We dressed up and welcomed our guests into the “Crenshaw Castle,” colored/made some paper dolls, decorated some crowns, let the girls dress up and put make up on, played “find the other glass slipper,” ate yummy cake, opened sweet presents, and had a BALL (no pun intended) celebrating Olivia’s third birthday!

Here are some pics!

Okay, this one needs an explanation…we were so excited to find the plans on the interet to make a CASTLE that was made out of refrigerator boxes.  So, my sweet mom went all around town to find SEVEN refrigerator boxes, and Brian and Dad spent 5 hours putting it all together.  Memphis in May usually equals rain, so even after covering it with a HUGE tarp, this is what we got:

the castle..

So sad…it was AWESOME..HUGE…we could walk around in it!  It only needed to be painted, so I am glad this happened before we took the time to do that!

Onto the fun party pics:


Austin was dressed up like Prince Charming (thanks, Nana!!!) and of course Olivia was Cinderella.  Prince Charming was SO SWEET with her!  …maybe I’ll figure out how to post a video later.

I just had to post this next one…I love the look on Olivia’s face!  They were having fun dancing!

no red eye

The Cake:


The girls all made a princess crown to take home and the boys made a king’s crown:


Yes, even Mommy dressed up like a princess! Here are the two of us with Olivia on the “princess throne” (you can’t see it very good)


Aunt Blair and Uncle Mason came, too:Aunt B and Uncle Mason

Some of the girls doing a craft:


Mema, Pops, and Eliana:


Mimi and Elle:


Ohh-la-la!!  Aunt B had just done her makeup…she was so proud!


Sweet friends…


We ended the day by eating some cake, praying for Olivia and thanking the Lord for her, and opening some fun presents.

It was so much fun to celebrate the life and the gift that this sweet girl is!  Thank you, Lord, for Olivia Grace!  What a gift she is in our lives!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Olivia!! Erin, I’m SO glad you finally put some new pics on here. I can’t believe how big Eliana is!!! I haven’t seen a picture of her in so long. And what a beauty Olivia is. Miss you!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!!! This was awesome! Thanks for sharing…

  3. WOW! Such fun. Wish I could have been there, but we are feeling the after effects with Charis. She has been prancing around in her heels, new tiara, bracelet and ring since I got back home. Tell B he gets a huge A for effort on the castle. That stinks. And the cake?! Who did that?! I have been de-throned.

    • ASHLEIGH CARROLL–NEVER dethroned! You are amazing at cakes…MISS YOU!

  4. Thanks for the pics…I’ll have to get more from you! Awesome party!

    • What an awesome party! You did a great job, Erin! Wish so much we could have been there. We love LIVI!

  5. Happy Birthday olivia!!! So much fun!! love the pics! loved seeing you!!!

  6. bah!!! how creative and loving you and your sweet family are to love olivia so well. oh, and the more recent blog where you are so thankful for brian…stop it. i love you guys and the example you are for me!

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