So…my husband is awesome!  We were talking about Lent the other day, and what to give up (okay, so I guess it was last week). ..

Well, I feel like we all get the “multiplication” of things like weight loss:  If you TAKE OUT extra fat, calories, sweets, etc. and ADD excercise, you will multiply the effects for your body.  So, with Lent…why don’t we ADD something to what we take away, and multiply the effects?!?

I gave up saying anything critical towards Brian.  I am adding in there to do something simple (but out of the ordinary) and sweet for him every day.  I hope that the love he feels from me is multiplied.  I want the Lord glorified more in my role as a wife.

If you gave up something this year, what was it?  And…did you add anything?

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  1. What a cool way to love Brian.

    Love me some Crenshaws!

    Happy Birthday!
    – john

  2. Awww man! Now John has seen this. Why you gotta raise the bar so high? 🙂

  3. […] | Tags: Lent, MArriage I wasn’t going to post what I was doing for Lent, but my friend Erin posted and asked what we were doing…so I gave in to the peer […]

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