Well, this is what we in the Crenshaw house like to call a RATS NEST.  I mean, we all have them from time to time, but I think this one deserves an award…

From the front, it looks somewhat normal:


Here it is:


And…a side view…


We had to work to get it out…tears… 😦

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  1. What! How in the world did this happen?

  2. This makes my butt hurt….as Brian would say.

  3. On our side of the family, Ella-Kathryn is blessed with this same problem! We call it “G.G. hair” because that’s exactly what Mom’s hair used to do! Sweet Livi!

  4. Sweet girl. Did you go in her room while she was sleeping and tie her hair in knots again?

  5. Ok, so the aftermath (having to untangle) is no fun, but the hair is hillarious. I hope my daughter doesn’t have to go through that (although one part of me does).

  6. Wow, that is awesome!

  7. praise the Lord, you have a website!!!! now I know how to keep up with your sweet family!!!!

  8. Hi, I just noticed your comment on and had to come and find out who the rap superstar was that you referenced in your comment. The fam’s a little hip hop obsessed and I know my kid’s would welcome the debut of a new artist to our collection! Then, as I scrolled down on your site I saw that you have a daughter named Eliana?! My eldest is Eliana and we have yet to meet anyone with the name. The meaning was important to us as well and she surely is an answer to my maternal longings. Beautiful children! God Bless, Dina

  9. Oh, and I had to say that I can so relate to the rat’s nest! My poor son wakes up with one twice a day, mornings and nap time!

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