Okay, first of all, I am so proud that I learned to put the link to another person’s blog in! Did you all notice that in the last post?!? Ashleigh is proud, I know!

Onto the topic…Olivia!  I promised that I would follow up with the post on Austin with the other kids…Eliana’s still to come!

Sweet Olivia Grace Crenshaw…We have one baby in heaven between Austin and Olivia.  That is part of the story of her name.  We started looking up what olive trees were used for Biblically.  One thing is they used some oil from the olives  for healing.  And grace of course means gift.  She is definitely a gift that God has given us, and what a picture of healing for us from the loss of that baby.  Had it not been for that miscarriage, we would never have been able to raise Olivia.  What a joy she is!  That bright smile lights up the room, along with those big beautiful blue eyes!  She is HILARIOUS!  LOVES being a princess, as most girls her age do.  She comes in and says she is a princess, so that means you have to dance with her.  After all, every princess is seen twirling around, right?  She loves to do whatever her big brother wants to do.  She is also very stubborn!  It makes me really laugh sometimes…telling me “I want to do it MYSELF!”  As frustrating as it can be, I am thankful…when she is a teenager and is prayerfully walking with the Lord, I hope that she is stubborn for things of Him…not giving in to things of this world, but keeping a growing passion for the things of God.  We talk about beauty a lot…about what makes her beautiful.  She will tell you that God in her heart makes her pretty.  The funny thing is to see her if she is in trouble or grumpy.  I will ask her what makes her pretty and she will say with the grumpiest face “GOD IN MY Hawwart!”  SO, it is the perfect time to tell her that her heart is not showing God, so that is NOT pretty!  I wish I had a video of her saying it like that to post.

A prayer for her today…

Father God, thank you SO MUCH for who you have created Olivia to be.  Thank you for allowing us to raise her and teach her and nurture her sweet personality.  Thank you for the joy that she brings to us.  Thank you for her sense of humor, and even for her stubbornness.  Reign it in for YOUR GLORY, Lord!  I pray that she would come to know and desire a personal relationship with you.  I pray that she would walk with you passionately.  I pray that she would grow to be a woman after your heart who loves others well and desires to make you known in all the earth.  Lord, give us wisdom on how to teach her, how to love her, how to raise her specific to how you wired her.  We love her SO MUCH.  What a gift you have given us in her.  Thank you.  Guide us each step of the way…I know there are hard times and lessons coming throughout the years.   May we seek you each step.  Thank you, sweet Jesus!  it is in your Name I pray.  Amen.


I love that girl!

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  1. I love that girl TOO!

  2. She is a doll. Can’t wait to have sleepovers with these girls!

  3. Wow – awesome picture. She sure does have a beautiful heart. Thanks for sharing YOUR heart and wisdom, Erin. 🙂

  4. Erin, Olivia is GORGEOUS!! I pray that my Olivia will have the same sweet spirit and heart that yours does. I so much wish we could live close and watch our little ones grow together. I’m learning so much of the same things as you about motherhood. I need your wisdom in my life! Love you and hope we can connect soon.

  5. amen to all that. sweet olivia is a true joy and we miss her smiling face and fun ways!!!

  6. These posts are making me teary eyed…she is a doll.

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